6 Paragliding Spot Lombok Sumbawa The Coolest


For those of you who are on holiday to Lombok but what to do in Lombok? Let’s co-play paragliding. This time I want to share about paragliding spots in Lombok and Sumbawa that I have personally felt how it feels to fly in those spots. Starting from the fun until the horrified. Starting from the ordinary until that makes me upset.

1. Bukit Meang, Sekotong
In Meang, I forgot how many times I flew in this place. Very often! It’s in the village of Buwun Mas, Kecamatan Sekotong, Bukit Meang, which has become my favorite location. The wind is so spoiled. The beach breeze. So I tell you, in paragliding there are two types of wind. The first is the beach wind, the second is the mountain wind. The difference, stable coastal wind. Like you bring a car, you drive on a smooth asphalt road without blemishes. Well, if the mountain breeze is like an asphalt road but there are lots of holes, so there’s a shock like that.

Bukit Meang is included in the category of coastal wind. The character of the hill itself can make you stay so long. Like this, soaring in paragliding is flying on the edge of a hill that is upwind with the direction of flying to form the number eight. Once you take off you can go left, then turn right. After right stuck, you can turn left again. So it continues until the goats lay eggs.

2. Bukit Pengawisan, Sekotong
Bukit Pengawisan, or usually people known by the name Bukit Sundancer, is one of the paragliding locations that I have tried. Not like Bukit Meang, you don’t need to walk up the hill. If in Bukit Pengawisan, a motorcycle or car can arrive at the take-off location. So I got up, got a mat, ate seafood. False. Up to the top, parachute, fly. Unfortunately here it can’t be soaring. Flying also can only take 5 minutes at most. But really recommended for beginners!

3. Bukit Torok, Sekotong
The exact location is in Torok Aik Belek, Southwest Praya District. The view is okay, the heat is also okay. Same as Bukit Meang, you have to climb 10 minutes walking on a parachute bag as big as Gaban, then you can fly. It’s really fun here for soaring too. You can have a fun fly for hours at this location.

4. Bukit Nipah, North Lombok
I only flew here once. My other friends often. Nie location, if the wind is good, you can be very long. Until the sun goes down. Until your mother is looking for an order to go home, get ready for the Koran in Mr. Pi’i
Of all the places I’ve used to fly, this Pergasingan Hill was the most memorable. There are about 15 minutes I fly from this hill. I have mixed feelings. The view of Sembalun Village from the top of this hill is really cool. The expanse of green rice fields like rugs and Mount Rinjani which was seen from above when I was flying really impressed me. This is one of the best moments in my life. Another feeling is horror. This is the highest hill I have ever used to fly. Plus the characteristics of mountain winds that make my parachute shudder make me parno myself.

6. Bukit Olat Cabe, Songkar, Sumbawa
Bukit Olat Cabe, which is located in Moyo Hilir Subdistrict, Sumbawa Regency, has also been my virginity. I am the first person in the world to fly on this hill. Am I sneaky laugh?
To go to the take off location, I have to walk for almost an hour through the forest and the former traditional gold mining. The narrow take off area at this location makes you have to be extra careful if you want to fly from here!

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